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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  September 14, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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a solemn homecoming this afternoon at andrews for the bodies of four americans killed while serving their country in libya. >> the bodies of ambassador chris stevens and three others arrived at andrews this afternoon. president obama and secretary of state hillary rodham clinton were at the transfer of remains ceremony and met with grieving families. meanwhile, violent protests outside embassies have spread to more than a dozen countries in the middle east and africa. nbc's steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: as anti-american rioting spread through the muslim world, president obama was on hand for the return of the remains of u.s. ambassalibya, chris stevens, and his three colleagues killed by a mob on the 9/11 anniversary
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tuesday. >> make it clear that justice will come to those who harm americans. most of all, even in our brief, we will be resolute. for we are americans. we hold our head high. >> reporter: but the protests widened. this was iraq in lebanon symbols of the u.s. got burned at kfc and hardee's. in tiny bahrain, 2,000 protesters. in yemen, 2,000. this was gaza. many egyptians are still furious over that anti-muslim film made in the u.s. and it's not just arab nations. muslims to the east erupted. this was pakistan today. this was bangladesh. these were indian muslims in kashmir. while back in the u.s. republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan blamed president obama. >> what we do not see is steady
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consistent american leadership. that is what keeps the peace. and that is what we will have in a romney/ryan administration. >> reporter: team obama called that an attempt to score political points. >> both factually wrong, and poorly timed. now is the time when americans should be coming together. >> reporter: as many in the muslim world are coming together against america. the white house insisted today there was no intelligence that could have prevented the american deaths in libya. i'm steve handelsman news4. >> a big blow for abortion rights supporters in virginia today. the commonwealth's board of health approved strict building regulations. critics say that should shut down many abortion clinics. virginia currently has 20 clinics. the new legislation would force them to meet the guidelines of hospitals. opponents say that will put the clinics out of business.
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what one local women's clinic has to say on news4 at 4:00. now to a developing story. more than 60,000 people were evacuated today because of threats at three college campuses. it happened at the university of texas at austin at north dakota state, and val pa reeso university. keith russell is in the newsroom gathering information about the threats and how authorities responded. keith? >> reporter: hey pat. not one, not two, but three universities, sent into a panic at one point today. a campus of 50,000 in austin went scrambling. the university of texas received a call this morning around 9:30 eastern from a man claiming to be with al qaeda, saying he had put bombs all over the campus and they would go off in 90 minutes. all buildings were cleared in less than 90 minutes. people were allowed to go back into the buildings a few hours later. but the classes were canceled for the rest of the day. at north dakota state, a call also came in this morning. that included the threat of an
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explosive. classes resumed in the afternoon, after it was deemed to be safe. >> we're pleased that we're able to have efficiently gone through the campus inspected what we needed to inspect, and reopened the campus in a timely manner. >> i literally had just walked in. i hadn't sat down yet. i saw the text and looked around to see what everyone else was doing. and everyone seemed normal. so i was really confused. i people pull out their phones. should we leave? our professor wasn't there yet, but one of the t.a.s was like everyone leave. >> you just heard from the dean at north dakota state, and a student from texas. the third university to get a scare, val pa reeso in indiana. classes continued after the campus was deemed to be safe. valpo did not receive a bomb threat they said that threat was substantially different.
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keith russell, news4. we're getting the first look at a surveillance camera set up to keep an eye on a speed camera. prince george's county police said they had to do something to protect the expensive equipment from vandals. megan mcgrath is here to tell us about what it's recording and what it's not. >> reporter: it snaps photos of drivers who are going too fast. but now in a quirky turn of events the speed camera has become the subject of photo surveillance. mess with it and a second lens will catch you in the act. yes, that's right, there's a camera taking pictures of the camera, all to protect it against vandalism. it's become an increasing problem in prince george's county with six speed cameras damaged in the last 12 months. >> two burned one totally, one that sustained some superficial damage. a couple that were spray painted. one had the leg chopped off.
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cut off. we replaced that. and one flipped. >> and one shot. >> and one shot. >> reporter: police have asked we not reveal the exact location of the surveillance camera for fear that it too, will become a target. but it's there, recording around the clock. last july someone, presumably an upset speeder, lit the camera on fire. that's when the police department decided to fight back. but they emphasized that the second camera spies only on the speed camera. and not on the surrounding area. >> it just photographs down around the area of the camera. and we get a continuous feed of that video. so if there is any issues it's reported. we can hopefully, number one, deter any tampering with camera number two, if it does occur, try to figure out and prosecute who did it. >> reporter: right now this is the only speed camera with its own surveillance camera. but a prince george's county police has their own way to install 12 more by the end of
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the year. megan mcgrath news4. turning to the weather now. we've been on a great roll. but we've got some rain rolling in. let's find out when. >> storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson has details and she's keeping track in storm team 4, in the storm center. >> let's just say you're not going to be too disappointed. since we have the word rain out there. for today, you notice more cloud cover, as the day has gone on. more cloud cover right now. we've got a partly cloudy skies. take a look at satellite and radar. the clouds kind of streaming north and northeastward. in fact they're coming in ahead of a weather front that's going to come through our area during the overnight period. we're not going to get rain from that front, but we will from the second front behind it. we'll talk more about that later. temperatures right now, not too bad. nice and mild. with a cloud cover, 81 in chantilly. great falls, 81 degrees.
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damascus and ashton coming in at 79 degrees. that front is really falling apart as it makes its way eastward. so we are really not expecting much in the way of any rain at all, not even a sprinkle. here's a look at your hometown forecast for quantico virginia. by 11:00 p.m., already the clouds will start clearing out. 72 your temperature. by 1:30 in the morning, 71. just a few clouds left around. by tomorrow morning we're back to sunshine. so we'll talk more about how bright this weekend is going to be and that next system which right now is looking like a big weather system for us. more coming right up. the unsolved murder of a 17-year-old honor student in prince george's county has police reaching out to the community. amber stanley was shot to death in her own home. tony tul tells us how the search for clues is going and advice for other parents. >> somebody knows something. somebody knows something. >> it's like beyond barbaric. >> reporter: as the days go by police are still without leads
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in the murder of 17-year-old kettering teen amber stanley. >> i have a daughter. she's 12. and if that would have happened to my child, i don't -- i can't even fathom what they're going through. >> reporter: this morning officers reached out to the community, handing out fliers and talking with residents at the starbucks in kettering, hoping anyone with information might come forward. >> we meet here routinely with our residents to speak casually. so today is not an exceptional day. it's just that the information we're is you know, related to a murder. >> reporter: over the past few days many parents and family members have taken extra ir kids do everything possible to remain safe. a common theme echoed here this morning. >> you don't know what your child is going to do when they get older. but i'm trying to instill values in her head about the life out here in the street. everything. she's making straight as. i told her she needs to go to college, she needs to have her
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stuff together. >> parents in terms of safeguarding their children you know keep track of them. if it's by way of cell phone, keep in communication with them and talk to your kids. >> reporter: anybody with information is urged to call crimestoppers or the prince george's county police. you can also call 911 and they want to make sure everyone knows -- >> when we come right back a whole lot more to come. take a look at this. some thieves crash into an apple store trying to get their hands on the merchandise. the crucial mistake that made it easy for police to track them down. prince william and kate head to court over nude photos of the princess taken during a private moment. and the boss gets ready to rock national's park tonight. also justin bieber explains why he used to get suspended from school.
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if you're a fan of the boss who's not, tonight's concert promises to be quite the show. bruce springsteen's wrecking ball concert are running about 3 1/2 hours long. it will feature a blend of new and old. it's also featuring the largest e street band ever. former desperate housewife eva longoria confirms she's dating mark sanchez. extra host mario lopez got the actress to admit to the relationship.
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longoria split with cruz back in june. she was once married to nba star tony parker. sanchez had been recently linked to kate upton,. there's a controversy brewing in hollywood about the actress set to portray legendary rita simone. actress zoe saldano is cast in the movie. the choice is getting a lot of criticism because saldana has light skin and doesn't look like simone. there's even an online petition asking the movie director to choose someone else. saldana's reps have not commented. 94.7 fresh fm hosted a fresh faces lunchtime show with matchbox 20 today. rob thomas and kyle cook
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entertained about 200 listeners at the hamilton live in downtown washington. tommy mcfly sat down with them before the show to talk about their new album, north, which is currently number one in the country. >> number one album in the country. what does that feel like to put justin bieber in the back seat for a while? >> i'm sure he'll be driving again soon. >> it feels good. you know what, it feels that much more special that it's at 15 years in our career you know what i mean. it seems like we're doing something right. we're on an incline as opposed to the other way. >> the title of matchbox 20's current hit single is "she's so mean." it was justin bieber time on nbc last night. he performed on "america's got talent," sat down for an interview with ryan seacrest on "rock center." and that's where bieber's mom revealed that he was not the easiest kid to raise. >> that was not easy. >> no, you were not easy.
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>> please, share something. you can't just say that. >> i was not easy. i got suspended from school. like every year. >> every year. >> and did you think what a troubled child i've got? >> i had a teacher tell me that she's like i have 30 students and one. when he's good the whole class is good and when he's bad, the whole class is bad. so we pulled him aside and said you're a leader. and he said, i'm a leader. >> and lo and behold look where he is now. bieber also said one of his goals now is to win a grammy. are kosher pickles really kosher? what does seven cubic yards of mulch really look like? and how can you get rebel calls if you're on the do-not-call list? we've got the questions. and liz has the answers in this friday edition of "ask liz." >> pat, nice to see you. >> you, too, liz. our first question on this friday comes from lauren in dupont circle. she wants to know are kosher
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pickles really kosher? >> we turned to the pickle packers for this. a kosher pickle may not be kosher in the sense it has been prepared in accordance with jewish dietary laws. dill pickle are the most popular pickle, and kosher is a simple way that pickles can be prepared. kosher simply means that garlic has been added to the brine. so no not dietary standards, just garlic. >> i love them both. our next question comes from scott in olney, maryland. scott says he paid to have seven yards of mulch delivered to his house. he wants to make sure he got the right amount of mulch. is there any way to know how much seven cubic yards looks like. >> mulch is measured by cube ib feet so cube issue yard is 3 foot by 3 foot by 3 foot cube.
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if you want to see what it looks like saunders landscape supply says it's about 31 standard six-foot we'll barrows of mulch. and for your reference, one cubic yard will fill in about 4 1/2 wheel barlows. 31 wheelbarrows. >> that's a lot of mulch. last question comes from trish in springfield, virginia. trish wants to know why is it she keeps getting robo calls from politicians even though she's on the do-not-call list and she wants to make them stop. >> we went to the federal trade commission for your question. politicians are exempt. to get off a politician's list you can try calling the campaign and simply ask the campaign to stop calling. it is not required to oblige but most will if a potential voter asks them to stop. there's also something called the national political do
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do-not-call list. the political one is a voluntary list. it's on a voluntary basis for politicians, so there is no guarantee that the phone will stop ringing. but it might be worth a shot. if you have a question like this to consider for us send it to ask coming up at 5:00 tonight, what's a reputable online site for checking your credit report and your score, and does the first lady of the u.s. receive a paycheck. find out tonight at 5:00. >> all right. always good questions. >> thank you. jim? here's another one for you. the iphone 5 has a brand-new charger. is it a technological break-through or just a way for apple to make more money with accessories? veronica's looking at the potential of heavy rain. she'll tell us when it's going to pour.
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look who that is. "today" show tries out the newest dance craze. we've got it after the break.
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m barack obama and i approve this message. some of our children's greatest experiences have been in the smaller classrooms. vo: but mitt romney says class sizes don't matter... and he supports paul ryan's budget which could cut education by 20%. you can't do this by shoving 30, 35 people into a class and just teaching to some test... these are all issues that really he personally cannot relate to. to be able to afford an education, to want the very best public education system for your children.
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it's nice weather again today, but i saw clouds overhead this afternoon. >> usually when you see clouds, a lot of them coming in you're thinking it's going to rain before long. well i don't think we're going oh get any sprinkles with the front coming in this time. the next front, though i think we're going to see a lot of rain from it. >> okay. >> something we haven't seen in a while. i'm not talking severe weather with tornado warnings and all that but plain old rain. a soaker we haven't had that in a while. i'll give you the details on that in just a moment. but first let's head outside. we need sound effects, please.
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we've got some clouds 81 degrees the current temperature. sky, partly cloudy right now. dew point, 59 degrees. humidity pushing up a tad today. rockville, maryland, 82 degrees. college park 82. arlington, virginia, 81 degrees. the front i talked about is really very anemic. it's falling apart. hardly any moisture associated with it. that's big difference from the next front. a lot of moisture associated with it. as far as your evening, it's going to be perfect again. 81 to 78 degrees from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. by sunrise tomorrow we'll start clearing out your temperatures, 74 to 71 degrees. there's the front. it comes through. we get the sunshine for saturday. high pressure moves in and even more sunshine for sunday. a few clouds skirting just to the south of our area on sunday.
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that's with the next system. early part of next week we'll see showers moving in probably starting around late morning, to early afternoon. as that low comes up the coast, there will be a whole lot of moisture associated with it. right now, tuesday looks like a real wet day. including in the morning on tuesday. i think things will wind down with this rain by the time we get to late afternoon, early evening. but substantial amount of rain widespread, one to three-inch amounts possible. we could get winds up to 30 miles per hour. gusts coming in with that low as it makes its way eastward. enjoy the weekend. for this evening, as we start things out, partly cloudy. really nice. 71 to 75 degrees. gorgeous for tomorrow morning. 54 to 63 degrees. with a north wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour. more sunshine. beautiful, nice and mild. 75 to 80 degrees for a high temperature tomorrow.
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look at that looks really pretty, doesn't it compared to what we're going to see move in for next week? 79 79 saturday and sunday. monday and tuesday, showers. then the potential for showers, maybe even a thunderstorm or two or tuesday. again, not talking about severe weather. once that front moves out, we really cool down again with highs on wednesday only in the low 70s. it's going to be a little chilly with the breeze going. jim, pat? >> all righty. turn up the heat a little. thank you. still to come on news4 at 4:00 william and kate sue over topless photos of the princess taken while she was sun bathing in france. how buckingham palace is invoking the name of princess diana. the bizarre excuse of a
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i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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sharp criticism, and now legal action after nude photos are published of the duchess of cambridge. welcome back to news4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. new tension brewing between britain's royal family and the paparazzi. this after topless photos of prince william's wife kate were published in a french tabloid. >> royal officials say they are suing the magazine. but as nbc's sarah james reports, the young couple were in malaysia focused on their asia tour now. >> reporter: a composed and seemingly care-free duchess of cambridge at the side of husband prince william in ku alala lumpur today. but appearances can be deceptive. as the couple made their first first-ever visit to a mosque word that a french magazine had published topless photos of kate from the couple's recent holiday
4:32 pm
at a private home in the south of france. it's described as quote, hugely saddened to have their privacy invaded in a grotesque and unjustifiable manner. the response from the palace said quote, the incident is reminiscent during the life of diana, princess of wales and upsetting to the duke and duchess for being so. news of these photos comes as kate had been basking in the glow of rave reviews for her sterling performance during this only her second overseas tour as a duchess. and just 24 hours after her heralded first speech on the international stage. a somber farewell to kuala lumpur as the duke and duchess headed to the rain forest of born yeah. sarah james, nbc news kuala lumpur. >> today the magazine that
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published the images insisted they had not invaded their privacy. actress angelina jolie urged nations to work together to support syrian refugees in the countries that are hosting them. jolie serves as a special envoy for the u.n. humanitarian agency. she has been visiting refugee camps all week. today she met with top turkish leaders. afterwards she said with winter approaching and battles still raging inside syria, she's concerned people will freeze to death. they said the fighting in syria has displaced about 2.5 million people. muhammad ali, the boxing great was awarded the liberty medal in philadelphia last night. it recognizes his longtime service as an advocate for civil rights religious freedom and other humanitarian causes. his wife lonnie was there, along with his daughter lela who placed the medal around his neck. previous liberty medal
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recipients included presidents jimmy carter and nelson mandela, as well as singer bono. big day at the white house today. u.s. olympians, and paralympians were there. the most decorated olympian there, there you see him, michael phelps from baltimore, was front row and center. katie laedecky brought classmates with her. the president saluted all the athletes' achievements. >> but most importantly, what you guys did was inspire us. you made us proud, and as president, you made me especially proud to see how you conducted yourself on a world stage. you could not have been better ambassadors and better representatives for the united states. and what we stand for. >> during the london games, team
4:35 pm
usa won 104 medals 46 of them gold. and a record 2.7 million spectators watched the paralympics games this year. there is more to come on news4 at 4:00. a connection controversy. your old charger won't work with the newest iphone. we'll tell you how much money apple could make by forcing you to buy new accessories. and the "today" show gets down gangnam style. david gregory's moves, after the break.
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it was a cliff-hanger on the finale of "america's got talent" here on nbc last night. america fell in love with these dogs, their back flipping and all their tricks. in addition to the $1 million they'll get a contract to appear
4:39 pm
in vegas. >> what a night. >> they're really cute. in addition to doing the flips and tricks the dogs can also dance, we discovered. they appeared on the "today" show this morning and found an unlikely dance partner. >> it was none other than nbc's david gregory. take a look here. >> we're going to talk to the winners of last night's stunning finale. please stay with us. please. this is on television, david. >> oh david. hey, folks, the dancing did not stop there. there's savannah and al. cy performed, the south korean rapper behind the catchy music viral video gangnam style. there's the lasso going. they show off their moves. who knew david could do all that. >> go david, go david. >> i think that's going to go
4:40 pm
viral. >> we can do that too. >> not as well as he. he pulled it off. hats off to him. when news4 at 4:00 continues, neighbors are stunned when they spot a bear taking a dip in their backyard pool. and veronica joins us once again outside with a look a
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pre-orders for the iphone 5 are now under way finally, although plenty of people are lining up to enjoy the new features of the 5. there are a lot of complaints about one little thing -- the charger. as nbc's kristen dahlgren reports, many customers will be spending more on their phones than they planned. >> reporter: the iphone 5, thinner, faster 4g, new features, new plug. >> a lot has changed, and it's
4:44 pm
time for the connector to evolve. >> reporter: the 5 will have a new 8-pin connector different than the 30-pin that's been standard since 2003. apple calls the new power and dock connector the lightning. and it is causing quite a shock. >> i think they do it on purpose for you to buy new stuff. >> reporter: while the new phone will come with the new charger, the problem is all of those old apple products ipods, ipads, docking stations car chargers won't be compatible without a $29 adapter. >> the short run is yeah there's a little bit of a hit you might have to take if you want to use your old products with the new phone. >> reporter: for apple, and after-market vendors, that could mean big bucks. think about it 40 million iphone 5s are expected to be ordered by the end of the year. that would be almost $1.2 billion. >> any way they can get some extra money out of you, they will. >> reporter: while experts say the technology upgrade was long overdue, it begs the question what do you do with all of those
4:45 pm
old chargers? >> we're facing a whole new era of new little white cords that we find in random drawers and everything. >> reporter: cord clutter, old, now outdated power sources. admit it you probably have more than a few lying around. >> i can't keep track of all the cords. basically they sit in a pile. >> real frustrating. it would be nice to have one that i could plug everything into. >> reporter: in europe they do. european union law mandates cell phone manufacturers all use microusb chargers even apple, with manufacturers of micro-usb adapters for european iphones, but not here in the u.s. >> it is an absolute jewel. >> reporter: as for the new lightning, apple said the smaller connector was necessary for a thinner device. and judging from pre-orders projections, millions don't seem to mind paying the price. >> now, the new phones will be shipped out a week from now. so i've got a bad case of cord clutter out there. but you've got to have it
4:46 pm
apparently. >> we all do. we've got a clutter at home. and outside we've got a little sunshine. but we're worried about the weekend. should we be veronica? >> no no. absolutely not. there's nothing to worry about the weekend. it's monday during the midday period, and tuesday morning that we have to worry about. that tuesday morning rush. but for the weekend, not. there's a little bit of a breeze out here right now. with the weather front coming in we'll see the winds pick up a little bit more too. it's a dry weather front for us. we've got 79 degrees in germantown and sandy spring. fairfax county herndon and reston, indiana, you're at 80. riverdale and landover good afternoon to you, you are currently coming in at 80 degrees. so tonight, and by tomorrow morning, the temperatures will head on down into the 50s, upper 50s. just to the west low 60s, to the east of i-95. annapolis, 64. 62 degrees to start your day
4:47 pm
tomorrow. mostly clear sky. i think we'll clear fast with this front. there's your sunshine for saturday. i'll stop it at 3:00. and i'll move it to sunday. sunday, you can see those clouds coming in. those are clouds down to the south. so sunday will be a mostly sunny, to partly sunny type of day. and again, by the time we get to monday morning, i think the early-morning rush on monday should be fine. it's late morning, early afternoon when that rain will start moving up from the south. so spots like atlanta, georgia, raleigh, north carolina, there may be some delays some airport delays already from that system coming northward. for us we'll get the heaviest rain on tuesday. and it is really with the next storm system a big rain event for us. as far as tomorrow afternoon goes, 76 in frederick. mount airy 79 degrees. culpepper up to a high of 79 degrees. here's your four-day forecast. no problems whatsoever this weekend. so get out and enjoy it. of course, it's the big fair in
4:48 pm
frederick, maryland. there's your rain for monday and tuesday. behind it we'll cool down. low 70s on wednesday. and that's going to come with a little bit of a breeze. so i think we'll all have the jackets on guys on wednesday of next week. and the umbrellas, go ahead and find out where you stuck them this weekend. >> all right. veronica, thanks. coming up on news4 at 4:00 a bear decides to cool off with a dip in somebody's backyard pool. and thieves foil themselves when they hit up an apple store. we'll tell you the important clue they left behind. and coming up next on news4 at 5:00 strong words from a congresswoman over an e-mail sent to all epa employees. it contains statements that many consider stereo typical, including one about the role of women in spanish culture. conning renters out of thousands of dollars. you could be targeted even if you're not in the market for a new place. coming up at 6:00 a gun scare at reagan
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an uninvited guest took a big dip in several backyard pools in l.a. last night. this black bear was probably just trying to cool off. he wandered from house to house for about an hour before going on a swim a couple of times along the way. police set up a perimeter around the neighborhood and tracked the bear with a helicopter. but it eventually wandered back into the woods, all refreshed. >> yeah. also in california thieves hatched a plan to crash their vehicle into an apple store. and drive away with the merchandise. >> but it didn't happen as planned. security video shows the men crashing into the store, and then jumping out of the vehicle to get iphones and ipads from display tables. but they had trouble crashing through the security gate to leave the store. then they got a flat tire.
4:53 pm
to make matters worse, they lost a license tag at the scene of the crime. left a little evidence there. the driver was arrested when he returned to that store to get that tag. >> so do you call aaa, hey, we've got a flat tire? that probably slows your getaway. >> probably shouldn't have gone back to get the tag. next a driver's excuse for why she decided to bypass a school bus by driving on the sidewalk. for all your news follow news4 online just search us on nbc wash
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day after day, a school bus driver in cleveland witnessed a parents speeding by him despite his flashing red lights. one day he had the presence of mind to capture the scene on his cell phone, as a woman drove on the sidewalk to get around him. tonight we are learning what made that driver put other lives in jeopardy. nbc's jennifer lindgren talked to the driver's mother who had a surprising excuse. >> reporter: every morning -- >> my daughter's in a wheelchair. >> reporter: lisa kelly will be
4:57 pm
the first person to tell you getting her 8-year-old daughter on the school bus is not a quick process. >> the lady did not stop. >> reporter: one driver didn't just disregard the safety warnings, she went out of her way to go around them. >> she comes through 7:30 every morning. she could run into cars a kid crossing the street. >> reporter: the police said they needed proof this was happening. so the driver did the smartest thing he could think of used his smartphone to capture on camera. tuesday morning an officer was waiting. >> she has been caught. justice has been served. >> reporter: when he tried to catch up with that driver shanea harden, her mother tried to explain her action. >> it takes them a long time. >> reporter: she's never done this before though two videos imply otherwise. >> clearly the handicapped boy cannot run across the street. there's a factory across the vet. >> reporter: look again. the building right across the
4:58 pm
street happens to be a day care. all it would take is somebody stepping out on the sidewalk. you could see how close the tire tracks come. >> we always see the marks on the ground but i thought it was from a tractor. >> reporter: the hope is it won't happen again. >> i'm gladcaught. she shouldn't do no kids like that. what if it was her kid in a wheelchair. >> now, asked where she was going in such a hurry? the driver said she was taking her own daughter to school. she's been fined $500 for failing to stop for a school bus with flashing lights. now, at 5:00 a controversial abortion decision in virginia. four americans killed in this week's embassy attacks come home to american soil. >> a key ruling in virginia could force many medical
4:59 pm
facilities that give abortions could be shut down. and what many consider offensive stereotypes, including a statement about the role of women in the hispanic culture. good evening, i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. a controversial ruling in virginia today on abortion clinics. today the board of health approved strict new building regulations that could force many existing clinics to shut down. supporters say it's about safety. but critics say it's a de facto ban on abortions. derrick ward has both sides of this controversy. >> you know supporters of the regulation say they would ensure the safety and well-being of women, seeking care at clinics that perform legal abortions. whether that was what the women were there for or not. opponents say the regulations are just an end rund around existing laws making it next to impossible for the clinics to meet building codes.


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